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The Five Loves Book

The Five Loves


  Soon you will see your life opening up to higher levels of Love, as you embark upon The Five Loves journey. Taking these five sequential steps will allow you to radiate and attract more Love into your life than you’ve ever imagined. This little book has guided readers just like you to huge outcomes of happiness and peace.


  There are accompanying meditations for each of The Five Loves (on MP3) that will be emailed to you as a Bonus after your purchase of your book. The book will be sent to you in physical or PDF form - your choice! These five audio meditations will help you rewire your life for greater Love.


  All of our lives have stresses and traumas. Stress limits our health, happiness and success. Now you, too, can have the tools to grow beyond those, and claim your rightful, generous portions of Love, success, adventure, and abundance.


  It’s waiting for you.


  Click the Love Button below to start living the Love-filled life you wish and desire!


The Five Loves
Freindly Advice From the Universe

Friendly Advice from the Universe


  Imagine feeling wiser, calmer, and more enlightened. People respect and look up to you because of your kindness and insight. You help a lot of people.


  You have evolved to an awareness that to advance to higher levels, it is necessary to rely on your inner resources. The secret to raising your consciousness is to engage the assistance of wisdom that guides your internal direction ever higher. This can be accomplished in several ways. It is most easily and effectively accomplished by using a  system.


  One way is to exercise your intuition to expand. The book, Friendly Advice from the Universe, offers a system that does that. By trusting your intuition to choose a guiding quote from this book, then weaving that wisdom mindfully into your daily life, you step up to a higher level of intuition and consciousness.


  How helpful can Friendly Advice be? Enough to have been honored as part of several people’s altars. Enough to have been part of a mission to help troubled students by a caring Soul who would take Friendly Advice to cafes and pubs, have the students think of a problem they have, pick a quote from the Oracle, and rethink better solutions to their problems.


  Your problems feel much worse when you feel disempowered or overwhelmed by them. This is our first reaction to stressful situations. However, there are much more productive solutions. Friendly Advice from the Universe leads you to wise and empowering actions to solve life’s problems. The process is also strengthening the development of your own intuition.


  How did Friendly Advice come to be written? Dr. Dawn’s system for helping clients achieve higher quality lives incorporated intuitive readings advising how to manifest greater health, happiness and stability. These were documented. They proved to be so helpful that making them accessible to more people became a mission. Thus, Friendly Advice was created.


  Activate your own intuitive life solutions by ordering Friendly Advice from the Universe. Click the button below to order your hard copy.


  If you would prefer a personal consultation with Dr. Dawn, click here.

Friendly Advice from

the Universe Book

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