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  Stranges, who has researched and offered wellness consulting and training since 1988, currently practices in Cortland, N.Y. She has traveled the world collecting self-healing techniques to help heal the “Stressed West.” She is a strong proponent of various forms of “energy medicine.”

  “Research has shown these to be helpful in reducing stress, addictive behavior, pain, symptoms of neurological malfunction, anxiety, depression, symptoms of cancer and its treatment and post-traumatic stress syndrome,” she said. “Resolution of such symptoms reestablishes wellness and enhances satisfaction with life.”

  Stranges has learned many healing methods, including therapeutic touch, Reiki, Shamanism, Tai Chi Chih and Eastern models of healing such as Tibetan, Thai, Indian and Chinese methods. She is certified and trained in several types of novel biofeedback healing tools. A meditation and imagery instructor, she trained in Thai Buddhist meditation in residence in Thailand. Stranges has designed several integrative medicine hospital transition programs and presented wellness classes and workshops in New York state and Virginia, Oklahoma, England and Canada.

  She has presented conference papers and is the author of two published motivational and healing books, Friendly Advice from the Universe and The Five Loves.

  A past integrative health department board member of the Clifton Springs (N.Y.) Hospital, she helped guide the integration of “The Springs of Clifton” Natural Health Center into the hospital.

  Stranges aided a professor in presenting trauma theory and expressive therapies to counselors in a war setting. She has presented European models of trauma-illness diagnostics and therapies and lectured to health care professionals on how trauma is translated to mental, emotion and physical illness with a focus on reversing many maladies.

  Stranges earned a Master of Science in Consciousness and Bioelectric Healing Therapies from Greenwich University in the U.K., and a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from Cornell University.

Meet Dr. Dawn

Doctor of Energy Medicine and Soul Surgeon

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