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  Imagine the feeling of finishing a test, feeling peaceful. Imagine going into that test peaceful as well. It is not only possible, but you can take steps to achieve it. I am on a mission to help as many people as possible reprogram their minds, bodies and emotions to escape the dread of test-taking and replace it with confidence. You can do this.

  What you need is some help. Unfortunately, most of the help that is circulating focuses on ineffective solutions. Examples include: advice to study harder, advice to relax and stop worrying, and reassurances that “you can do it!”.

The trouble is that these solutions rarely work. That is because the dynamics that create test anxiety and disappointing academic performance are not intellectual problems. Therefore, intellectual solutions (such as explaining that’s is good to reverse the troubling thinking) do not work.

  That’s where Test Assured comes in. Test Assured addresses the dynamics that created the issues we seek to resolve:

stress that alters the circuitry of the brain and thinking patterns

bioelectric short-circuits that interrupt thinking and ability to focus

subconscious programs that sabotage success and ease in life.

What we can do to help

Each person is an individual, with unique strengths and weaknesses. It is our joy to discover and develop customized solutions based on these.

Individual consultations offer the fast track to reduced stress and better academic performance. With the power of muscle testing and Soul Surgery, we have been able to help students excel beyond their greatest hopes, securing a much brighter future than imagined. What could be more beautiful or powerful?

Consultations can be conducted in person or via phone (or Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.). Fees are $120/hour, and we can work in 20 minute ($40) increments, if desired. Frequently, 1 to 3 sessions will suffice to see significant results.


Call Today To Get Started Right Away!


$120/hour, $40 for 20 minute increments

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