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Soul Surgery


  Imagine life bubbling with the excitement of fulfilling your life’s purpose and passion. You would wake up planning the next adventure to enjoy, and feel free of worry. You would feel confident and peaceful in your power.


  This life is possible to cultivate when you release the subconscious programs that have disempowered you, keeping you from the full expression of your Soul. Your Soul holds your power, yet is susceptible to becoming disempowered by subconscious programs, which are stories from your history that have stuck. Some of your subconscious stories empower you; others disempower you wrongly. Dr. Dawn has developed an effective, enjoyable method to help you identify and remove these programs, so you can reprogram your future for what you wish, instead of what you have been stuck with. Clients report that Soul Surgery is pleasant to experience and very effective.


  An example of how Soul Surgery can help was reported by several clients regarding abundance. One client who experienced Soul Surgery for business and money issues saw her business blossom in just a few weeks, so she could quit her side job. Another client watched her physical symptoms and fearfulness subside as the quality of her life improved quickly. Students who have struggled with school have been able to succeed, after experiencing this work, much to their surprise. Anger and addiction have responded well for some who have used Soul Surgery.


  Could YOU benefit from Soul Surgery? YES, if you feel stuck. YES, if you know you want something badly, but don’t get that. YES, if you know what’s good mentally, but emotionally you keep doing it (or not doing it). The present is the perfect time to jump up to a higher quality of life, as you leave behind what fails to serve you anymore. Dr. Dawn is here to help. Get in touch with her soon, so you can start enjoying life more abundantly than you yet imagined.

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